Top 5 Essay Writer Apps

To succeed in college as well as in school, students have to create a variety of academic writing. From simple essays to complicated assignments like dissertations or research papers The students should improve their English writing skills to be effective and stand out in the rest of the students. Students must be able to manage their time and have a good grasp of the topic. A writing application for essays is an excellent tool to assist create a high-quality essay.


If you’re a student looking for an app that will assist in the writing process you should consider using the FreeMind essay writing application. This app for free helps draw logical diagrams that are crucial for writing essay. FreeMind helps you manage your projects and research. It also helps you monitor how much time you spend and effort. The software lets you color-code your paper and even brainstorm using FreeMind. FreeMind is a leading provider of DES encryption to protect you.

The essay-writing app from FreeMind can be portable and utilized in any place. There are also experts from various areas. It is also compatible with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great instrument for finishing assignments. There are however some drawbacks with using this app. The app might not be the best tool for you as it isn’t always updated or exact. It is a good tool to use if you want to write your essays quicker.

Although FreeMind has many features which make it a great essay writer, its most important feature is its capability to design diagrams. Using this app, you can link together diverse ideas, put the ideas in logical order to make your work seem appealing visually. It’s also cost-free! The trial version of FreeMind here:

Another helpful app for writers of essays can be ProWriting Aid. The style guide can assist in writing high-quality articles. The advanced technology allows it to integrate with other editing tools to assist in fixing grammar as well as other problems with your writing. The program has over 1 million users. So, if you are seeking a college student app to help write your essay, this program is right for you! It will allow you to save time and reduce stress.


A simplenote app to write an essay could be the ideal solution for students who are short on time. It makes it simple to compose, arrange, and share notes in multiple formats. Markdown codes allow users to create documents using the basic HTML code. This is a good example of headers and bullet lists as well underlines. Check out Simplenote to know more about the markdown code.

Simplenote Another popular application for writing is compatible with many platforms and operating systems. Users can write notes using Markdown syntax, adding some formatting to their notes. You can pin your favorite notes, as well as your note-taking notes for emergencies. It is also possible to rename and organize their notes in accordance with their personal preferences. Simplenote is a privacy-focused app that prioritizes the privacy of its users. Secured by a password, the app’s content is protected of the application. It is possible to use Simplenote across Windows as well as Mac devices.

The lightweight design and quality help from Simplenote make it an ideal choice for those who need a note-taking application. Simplenote facilitates organization and running your business easy. It comes with a limited number of possibilities, Simplenote is an ideal option for people who are busy and must keep their notes well-organized. Additionally, it lets users search through their notes easily. It is also possible to use Simplenote to keep track of reminders or quick notes. Simplenote can be set to full-screen mode which eliminates distracting elements and keeps you concentrated.

There are plenty of other essay-writing applications for Android and iOS devices, however Simplenote is , in my opinion, the most popular and easiest to use. Simplenote is an application for note taking which is free and works with nearly every Android or iOS device. Simply download the app select a style of writing and begin writing! After that, you can add the text in your Simplenote notebook and wait for results. Simplenote’s authors will adhere to your directions and conclude your project. It is perfect for students who are constantly on the move.

Living Writer

Living Writer is an app which lets you write essays. Living Writer can transform your computer into a typewriter, and offers an environment that is safe for you to write. Living Writer’s templates can give you concepts for the outline for novels, and even the basic hero’s journey. They can be filled in and yours made, but templates might help you get started if writing is something new.

Another option to consider is to use Manuscript. The app is able to check spelling mistakes, sentence organization punctuation marks, sentence structure, even locating numerals as well as compound words within the middle of a sentence. It can be used on Android and iOS devices and is simple to use. Manuscript in contrast to other writing apps, offers a quick tool to evaluate your writing ability. You can save money and make use of the application multiple times.

Evernote is another well-liked choice. The app is similar with Google Calendar allows you to organize and manage essays by the date. You can also work with other users through the app. The app is free to download but it has some drawbacks. It will require you to confirm your number. It also doesn’t have many new features. It’s not equipped with the latest writing styles, but reminders are offered on a weekly basis.

Simpleton is one of the most well-known note-taking applications that are available. Simpleton’s tagline is “light, simple, and absolutely free”. You can use it to store ideas in a notebook or save them as a file using a variety of methods. The feature stops them from being lost or deleted. The Markdown feature is also accessible, which allows you to change the style of your writing. If you’re writing in a formal setting, this is a great choice.


Quizlet is a great application for studying. It’s packed with information with no in-app purchase. There are many test prep features in the app, which include practice tests in preparation for the SAT and ACT tests, GMAT exam, IELTS, IELTS, GMAT exams for example. Also, it’s great for students at college as it allows users to translate their thoughts into paragraphs. It’s easy to use with a user-friendly interface that can be a great tool to students.

It is possible to use the quizlet application for whatever subject which you’re studying for example, chemistry, foreign language and even vocabulary. There are seven learning styles which allow you to make flashcards that are based on the work of millions of students. The quiz can be shared through clicking the “share” button and by copying the URL. When you’re finished, you can duplicate and then paste into your email, or share it on social media. The free Quizlet app is accessible. But the paid version has more features.

Quizlet is a different app that can be useful. Students can learn vocabulary terms quickly and easily. The users can also add words, identify them as well as test their understanding with flashcards. Users must get both sides of the card right in order to go onto the next test. The students can utilize this app for learning vocabulary. The app can be used for any subject, and is very effective in helping students learn new concepts. Therefore, it’s simple to comprehend why Quizlet is so well-known.

If you are considering an essay writing app, be sure to do your research. The site of the application will have a helpful section to help the users. It is also possible to contact the creators directly. But, remember that even though essay applications are not 100% reliable, they can provide a great way to check your writing skills. Essay apps are inexpensive and are able to be used regularly. So, don’t hesitate. Learn to write and also having fun!


This Studybay essay writer application is an online marketplace as well as meeting platform dedicated to helping both writers and students alike. The method of operation is different for both students and writers. Students first have to create an account. Next, students must place an order. Once the request has been completed, the writers will notify the student by email or text message. After the order is completed and the students have received their essay, they can get a copy of the completed essay or request a refund in the event that they are not satisfied.

Studybay users can choose to purchase from an earlier writer or an expert in auto-matching. The writer can be rated after which you’ll have to wait for the warranty’s expiration before receiving your payment. There are some restrictions with this service, therefore be aware of these conditions prior to making a purchase. Even though they don’t have the ability to assure the quality of your article, their writers are able to provide prompt and efficient service.

The Studybay essay writing app gives students the opportunity to get help from an expert community of writers. The app is available to help with many other topics. There’s even writers for your math homework using this Math Solver app, which you can download onto your iPad. The app to solve math problems and communicate with experts to get assistance you might need.

All depends the goals you have set. Even though the majority of the reviews are highly positive however, there are some disappointed clients who aren’t satisfied about the writing quality. Customers have complained about missing deadlines as well as questionable quality of the paper they were provided. Customers have also reported problems getting refunds. You can request a refund or request the paper to be revised through StudyBay If you’re not happy with the writing quality.

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